Shoulder PT

How your shoulder pain started can be important. Let’s take a look at common reasons I am seeing more and more shoulder pain in the office.

1.Computer Jockey– you gotta fix your work flow bro. What I mean by this is you have to figure out a way to get up off you butt and stretch or do something to counteract the hours you just spend in a chair.

“Whatever doc, I have to work so I guess I just have to deal with it”…

No, you can get a “standing desk” that raises up and down so you can sit or stand throughout the day. This coupled with proper stretches and minor exercises at your desk might help to fix your upper back and neck pain too. The picture above is to represent how we are physically de-evolving due to our lifestyles.

2.Injury– could’ve been an outstretched arm injury when falling, an overhead injury, or other. Creating strength with the proper exercises while stretching the proper muscles will sometimes remove shoulder pain. Sometimes is won’t or you may not have time for all this. If this is you then you may benefit from PRP or Regenerative Cell Therapy like Stem Cell.

Here are some of my favorite stretches for the shoulder:

  1. Wall Angels– fast forward to 9:40.
  2. Doorway stretch– don’t let your should dip down and forward during this…Everybody does this wrong.