Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is sweeping the nation by offering hope, regeneration of damaged or depleted tissue.  There are several different methods clinics are using which may include autologous Stem Cell Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Prolotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

There are advantages and disadvantages of each.  Some come with limited research and others with decades of research.  In the market I am involved in there is a lot of competition.  Some medical doctors are resorting to pompous political tactics to bring more attention to their own pocket books.  Unfortunately, this may come to the cost of the consumer.

Stem Cell Therapy is here to stay…

Granted there is not a great deal of peer-reviewed pharmaceutical company backed research.  There is a plethora of research across the pond (in Europre) that has been going on for 10+ years.   If it did not work or it was not safe they would have been shut down already.  These are the same countries that do not allow genetically modified foods in their countries.

Previously, we’ve wasted many resources in not researching or allowing for the further development of the research to bring this amazing therapy to the public faster and safer.  In the United States, clinics have been permitted to perform stem cell injections.

Is Stem Cell Therapy FDA approved?

Recently, the FDA release guidelines for the labs that are providing the mesenchymal tissue allografts and what minimal processing is defined as pertaining to stem cells.  Our goal and mission is to help more people avoid costly surgery without long recovery times and poor outcomes.

With some of the latest regenerative therapies for joints we are enabling patients to do things they haven’t done in years.  It could be as simple as walking up and down the stairs to reducing sensations like burning or electric shocks.

Obviously, results are going to vary like any treatment or therapy.  We always review images with the patient to determine if they are even a candidate for such an intervention.

If you haven’t already check out how easy and painless the procedure is in my video section…

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