Do I need to do physical therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) & rehabilitation are important especially for lower and upper extremity injuries and arthritis. PT is very important and critical for most acute injuries. Even if it is a chronic condition, there are hundreds of stretches and exercises that can help to decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve stiffness. Without properly “rehabing” most injuries you may be creating a storm later in life. When your body heals the injury site it lays down scar tissue. Movement therapy or specific physical therapy is essential in getting these joints to heal properly as to not lose range of motion or be susceptible to reinjury.

Assisted passive range of motion exercise with kinesiotape on the knee pictured

Many people wonder if they are a candidate for physical therapy or if physical therapy can help their ailment. For physical therapists, however, this is an easy question to answer: Most people can benefit from physical therapy, whether their condition varies from a simple ankle sprain to a complex neurological disorder. You may benefit from physical therapy even if you are not injured. Physical therapists, as movement experts, may help you prevent injury or illness.

PT is considered a conservative treatment method addressing the treatment, healing and prevention of injuries and disabilities. PT focuses primarily, but not solely, on pain relief, promoting healing, and restoring function and movement associated with injury. Other areas within physical therapy are body training, fitness, and especially education and prevention.

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What exercises help with knee pain?

Depends on the source of the knee pain. Go to your chiropractor, physical therapist or orthopedic physician to get a diagnosis and/or PT recommendations. Specific exercises should be prescribed to stretch/strengthen the correct muscles to improve stability and balance of the joint. The same applies to a shoulder injury or even a hip injury.

How to fix shoulder pain.

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint which is very susceptible to injury. Athletes like crossfit athletes come to mind specifically due to all of the overhead lifts and compromising positions the shoulder is put in during the exhaustive workouts. For the record, I think crossfit is great when performed with proper technique.