Chiropractic is practice of fixing musculoskeletal joint misalignment and body imbalance to improve overall function.

Can chiropractic fix neck or back pain?

Yes, research suggests this is a great treatment option that is safe and effective. The only way to know if you are a candidate for chiropractic care is to have a consultation with a licensed doctor of chiropractor.

How do you pick the right chiropractor?

Find one that will perform a thorough health history and exam. This means spending more than 10-minutes with you on your first visit.

What do chiropractors do?

1st visit: health history to determine cause, physical exam to determine what and where,

2nd visit: sits down and performs a report of all his/her musculoskeletal findings.

If I go to a chiropractor do I always have to go?

There is no reason to assume you shouldn’t try chiropractic if this is your fear. The only reason patients continue on with chiropractic is they value the way it makes them feel or they are chronic pain sufferers and need it.

Within chiropractic, like massage or medicine, there are divisions and autonomy of doctors. Some chiropractors will focus on the upper cervical spine, others will utilize a full body approach, while others use instruments to all accomplish the same thing.