Does your Doctor know this?

If you’ve ever visited your medical doctor for pain you might have experienced this…

You ask questions then they answer your questions with questions about your symptoms….meaning they won’t give you a recommendation until you tell them how much it hurts. If you said 9/10 they would recommend surgery, if you say 3/10 you will get the drug cocktail (more on this later). On my imaging I’ve seen over the years the MRI or x-ray doesn’t always correlate to how a patient feels. I’ve seen patients that have 2/10 pain, but have terribly degenerated joints.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you go to the doctor for joint pain…They prescribe the typical drug cocktail (muscle relaxer, pain killer and
anti-inflammatory) and tell you to come back in 2-weeks if it hasn’t
gotten better. What’s the problem with this?

They never addressed the source or cause of the pain. They addressed the symptom not the condition. The symptom is pain. The cause may be a meniscus tear, ligament tear, labral tear, bursitis, arthrtitis, muscular tear (rotator cuff especially), etc.

Then what happens? Well, if in two weeks you may go back because you’re still in pain. Then what? Then you get a referral to physical therapy or you get a referral to an orthopedist/pain management clinic. Physical therapy is great, but ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’ Even if you do, great, but just know that for most chronic pain
sufferers it will only help a little. If you have DAMAGE IN THE JOINT do you think
strengthening and stretching around the area is going to fix the internal joint
inflammation, degeneration or tearing of tissue? NO. If you think I’m nuts and
disagree then fine, but know that if you elect to have a surgical procedure PT is a
must post-surgery. If you ever get operated on you 100% should do PT.
So great, you tried PT or chiropractic and you still feel like something isn’t
right or there was only so much they could do to fix the pain.

Then you turn to the Ortho. The Ortho is probably going to send you for an MRI or take and x-ray. Then they will offer their cortisone injection depending on you pain levels. This is so common place it’s alarming. We will discuss cortisone a bit later. But if the cortisone doesn’t fix it they you’re referred to the surgeon if you’re still complaining to your doctors. Look, I don’t want you to get caught up in the system of going to this doctor or that doctor for ‘x’ number of cortisone injections over time.

I want you to fix the cause of the pain. We are now able to fix internally damaged joint pain sources. No more Band-Aids!